Account Cash Flow

Cash Flow Statement is Finanicial Statement, which shows changes in all accounts affect cash and cash equivalents, and breaks the analysis down to Operating Activities, Investing Activities and Financial Activities.

Account type configuration

Activity type configuration in account type and activity types are following:

  • Operation-Income
  • Operation-Expense
  • Operation-Current Asset
  • Operation-Cuurent Liability
  • Investing
  • Financing

Cash Flow Wizard

It is a wizard for printing cash flow report.

  • Target Moves: If 'All Posted Entries' radio button is selected then it

    will fetch only posted account move lines entries.

    If 'All Entries' radio button is selected then it will fetch all account move lines entries.

  • Company: Current company
  • Previous Period: Enter number of periods for fetching cash flow data
    year wise. Default is 0 means it will fetch current year data.
  • Branch: If multi branch boolean is true, Branch selection will display.
    Enter current company's branch.

Trial balance

PDF Report for trial balance of a company.

Cash Flow Report

PDF Report for cash flow of a company. You can compare it with trial balance.

If 2 years is entered in a Previous Period field, it displays result of 2 previous years from current year.