GST Reporting for Singapore Localization

Chart of Accounts for GST Singapore

Tax Accounts configuration based on Singapore Accounting.

Tax Categories

Categorize your tax codes into five categories by selecting proper value:
  • Standard Rates
  • Zeroed
  • Exempted
  • MES
  • Out Of Scope

Set Tax group = 'Zeroed' for Purchase Tax 7% TX-N33.

Set Tax group = 'Out Of Scope' for Sales Tax 0% OS.

Customer Invoice

Customer Invoice with Taxes as per Singapore Localization.

Supplier Invoice

Supplier Invoice with Taxes as per Singapore Localization.

GST Analysis Report

GST-F5 Summary Report

The GST-F5 report includes details such as standard-rated, zero-rated, and exempted, out of scope, mes, purchases and sales in a regulated format.

GST-F7 Summary Report

If you have made errors in your submitted GST F5 forms, you should file GST-F7 to correct the errors.