Increase your sales with suggested products

The use of suggested products is an attempt to offer related and useful products to your client. For instance, a client purchasing a cellphone could be shown accessories like a protective case, a screen cover, and headset.

Add suggested products to your quotation templates

Suggested products can be set on Quotation Templates.

Once on a template, you can see a Suggested Products tab where you can add related products or services.

You can also add or modify suggested products on the quotation.

Add suggested products to the quotation

When opening the quotation from the received email, the customer can add the suggested products to the order.

The product(s) will be instantly added to their quotation when clicking on any of the little carts.

Depending on your confirmation process, they can either digitally sign or pay to confirm the quotation.

Each move done by the customer to the quotation will be tracked in the sales order, letting the salesperson see it.