Configure model of entries


In Flectra you have the possibility to pre-fill some accounting entries in order to easily reconcile recurrent entries such as bank fees.

We will take the following example to illustrate the concept : Every month my company receives a bank fee cost, which depends of our bank account current balance. This fee is thus variable.

Create Reconciliation Models

First, we need to configure two model reconciliation entries. To do so, go to the accounting application dashboard. On your bank journal, click on ... ‣ Reconciliation Models.

We want to be able to book our bank fees easily. Our bank deducts fees depending on our balance, meaning that it can vary every month.

We create a button Label called Bank fees, select the correct account to book those fees. Moreover we also need to specify that the amount type is "Percentage of balance" with an Amount of 100%. This parameter will tell Flectra to take the entire fee into account.

Save your changes when you are done.